Ravelry: Mosaic Blanket

This is not-very-secretly my husband’s favorite of the three baby blankets I made this year, and I don’t think it’s only because he chose the color scheme (which is based on the classic navy-and-red repp tie—or rep tie, if you’re Brooks Brothers). The utter simplicity of Barbara Walker’s mosaic knitting technique put into brilliant practice in Purl Soho’s pattern also doubled up the natural squishiness of the Knit Picks Dishie cotton I chose, so it’s no wonder there have been cries for an adult-sized version of this in our own home.

I don’t usually talk about what goes wrong in knitting a gift, but I think it’s important to honor the process whenever possible, so take a look below at some of the lessons I learned making this blanket; there were certainly a few!

Project Page

KnitPicks Dishie
Tower of Dishie (much more than got used!).

Don’t try to make anything unless you’re ready to make some mistakes, too. In this case, I forgot to hold the working yarn on the right side while knitting back across the wrong side. No worries! That what frogs are for.

No-fear Frogging: Mosaic Knitting Edition

Oh, but working the wrong side wasn’t the only opportunity to get my strands crossed, even on such a basic project. At the left, you can see where I began by holding the working strand in front of the inactive strand, resulting in a jagged carry up the edge; on the right, I wised up and kept the inactive strand in front instead to keep the color work clean along the selvage.

Everything else I did just perfectly; here are more glamour shots of the finished piece!

Off the needles.
Mosaic Field
Quite clear where this color work technique gets its name.
Mosaic Detail
Stitch detail.



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