Recipe Love: Paleo Chorizo

During our first Whole 30 a couple of years ago, I quickly got tired of eggs for breakfast . . . I mean, really tired, really quickly. But there’s only so much monkey salad a person can eat without going bananas! I needed to find some meat options, and it had to be simple. Enter: Meatified’s paleo chorizo.

I usually omit the ground black pepper (6 tablespoons of chili powder is plenty, thanks) and have about 3 pounds of pork butt ground fresh at the butcher shop, but otherwise this recipe is just about perfect. Fried up in a patty on its own, or crumbled into an egg scramble (if you can stand it), or added to a leftover potato hash, this is chorizo that won’t make you cry. Bonus: green romesco from our Sun Basket dinner!

Pork and spices, blended and ready to rest
Sausage and onion
Browning up in a pan with olive oil and diced onion.
Omelet, or scramble?
Scramble (with leftover green romesco).
Chorizo Tacos
Extra bonus: weeknight chorizo tacos!

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