Ravelry: Discontinued Yarns

I knew I had a pretty big collection of vintage Manos, but imagine my surprise when I discovered that so many of the yarns in my stash have been discontinued! Partially this is a byproduct of hanging on to skeins, waiting for the right project to materialize; but a few of these are yarns I genuinely loved, and it’s a little sad to think I won’t be able to buy more.

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Berocco’s Peruvia yarns were a worsted weight with a little halo. Probably scratchier than some of Berocco’s fiber blends, but 100 percent Highland wool with a ton of character. I made many, many hats out of this yarn, and this is all I have left!

Tosh Vintage in Red Phoenix
Okay, so Tosh Vintage hasn’t gone anywhere—but Red Phoenix is no more. I have a sweater’s worth of this colorway in my stash, though, because my resourceful mother saw that Paradise was liquidating their stock and bought a boatload. This is what I used to make my Red Cable-Sleeve Sweater, and I’m always comforted to know I could whip up another at any time.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear
File this one under: Huh?!? I have a skein each in worsted and bulky weights of this Lamb’s Pride colorway from Brown Sheep. Much redder and richer than Chocolate Souffle, I can’t understand why this one’s gone.

Manos Maxima . . . ?
This one-of-a-kind Manos Maxima is a puzzle. It was a very thoughtful gift from friends who visited The Quarter Stitch in New Orleans, and although it’s still tagged, the colorway is BLANK! My best guess is that it was a custom dye for that one shop, possibly a Mardi Gras special, now a mystery to the world.

Araucania Itata Multy
Spelled just like that on the tag! I bought this probably close to ten years ago, in a shop that I’m reasonably sure was Newbury Yarns in Boston, at its original location in Back Bay. I had never made a pair of socks and had literally no idea whether this was even enough yarn, but the need to own this skein of superwash merino, silk, and bamboo was totally overwhelming. I’m glad I bought it, and I’m equally glad I didn’t try to do anything with it at the time; there are so many better uses for it than I could have come up with in those days, when my repertoire was limited to hats and scarves.

What singleton skeins are you keeping for a perfect project? Are you one hank short on something you’ll never be able to buy again?


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