Ravelry: Better Stashing

I doubt I’ll ever find a real need to catalog my knitting needles—I do 99 percent of my work on these Addi Click Lace interchangeables—but like most knitters, I could stand to be a bit better about tracking my stash.

I thought I’d done an admirable job purging yarn I was really never going to use during the great KonMari of 2015, but when I sat down to sift through the 6 full baskets of yarn that remained, there was still a surprising amount of mystery and scrap yarn.

However, I was happy to finally document properly a mountain of vintage Manos del Uruguay skeins my mother originally acquired some time in the late 1970s. Manos is the original kettle-dyed handspun Corriedale yarn (at least as far as my family is concerned), and these hanks are among my most treasured.

Orange Mystery Manos

This is a skein left over from a sweater my mother made me in high school, which I wore all the way through college. (On the reverse side of the tag, the word “Sleeve” is written in my mother’s hand.)

Fuschia Mystery Manos

Some of these pink beauties are very likely destined to become at least one or two more Pussyhats; if you’re familiar with the cooperative, communal, woman-owned origins of Manos yarns, this is possibly the most appropriate project I could have found for these skeins.


What hand-me-downs are in your stash? Do you have plans for them?


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